Tiki Hadad

Mentoring and consulting CEOs and executives – Mediator

Tiki Hadad

In the last 7 years, I have been working as a leading mentor for C level executives and top decision makers.

I provide them consultation in business challenges, adopting optimal personal practices, with effective internal and external communications, while striving for a balanced life.

The mentoring process is accompanied by my extensive business and managerial experience, accumulated in many years of working in top management roles, as a CEO and board director.

I recognize the sense of managerial solitude and the need to consult about business challenges with an external professional, devoid of interests.

As a trustworthy professional, I accompany senior managers at top levels with the highest discretion, becoming their true partner in resolving personal challenges.

I provide my clients with practical tools and immediate solutions for crisis management, solving dilemmas and helping in decision-making.

I assist my clients in setting their goals, in guiding their thoughts and their performance.

Among my clients are senior executives in the capital market, banking, high-tech industry, legal industry, academies, lobbying and government.

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It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.



Tiki Hadad –

Mentoring and consulting CEOs and executive

Feb 2012 – Present

Tiki Hadad – Mentoring and consulting for leaders in business, law and academia
I accompany and assist top management executives in the following areas:
– Effective solutions for business challenges
– Enhanced personal best practices
– Internal and external communications
– Finding the optimal work-life balance
My mentoring is based on over 30 years’ extensive experience in top managerial roles.

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